Monday, April 25, 2011

The Martingale System

Everyone who plays roulette works out a system, but there has been a long standing system which is used. The Martingale System is by far the most popular system employed by players trying to beat the casino.
You place bets on 1:1 money positions with a 48.65% chance to win for French Roulette which are the best odds. For example, red/black or odd/even or 1-18/19-36.  Decide the unit that you want to bet, eg $1 or $2. Say you are betting on the roulette table with $1 units: on your first bet, you would make a $1 bet.
If you win the bet, put the same wager down, always your starting unit.  If you lose the bet, you double your bet on the next round, so in the example above you would bet $2, and then $4 and then $8 etc. If you hit a losing streak or a run of losses, you double up your bet on the next round.

The Martingale system theory states that you will win at some point and if you have doubled up your wager amounts, you will invariably cover your losses. Your last bet will recoup all of your losses. If you win after the first roulette bet, you double your money. If you hit a winning streak, you will accelerate your winnings.

There are pitfalls though, the Casinos are not stupid or they will not even have the Roulette game as it would be a loss of business.

So the Casinos added the zero and then the American Roulette added a zero and a double zero. This causes the odds to drop in the players favour. In saying this you should play French Roulette for the best odds, then European Roulette and the last would be American Roulette. Personally I rather look for a Casino which offers French Roulette and play there then just sign up to any Casino and find out that French Roulette is not offered.

The second down side to your success is the betting limit for the Roulette table. You need to know this very important wager amount. If you hit a prolonged losing streak (say RED, RED, RED, RED, RED, RED when you have bet on BLACK) you will get to a stage when you are unable to double up on your bet to cover your loss.  This is the reason why you set your initial bet to the lowest betting amount available. This is usually 1 unit of currency (1 USD or 1 EURO or 1 Canadian Dollar).  This is also why you bank roll must be large enough to effectively manage a 5 to 7 streak loss at the lowest betting unit of currency.

Let us look at a 7 streak loss play before you win your currency unit back.

Wager for 7 betting runsPlay / SpinSpin OutcomeWin / LossUnit Running Value
1BlackRedLoss- 1
2BlackRedLoss- 3
4BlackRedLoss- 7
8BlackRedLoss- 15
16BlackRedLoss- 31
32BlackRedLoss- 63
64BlackBlackWin-63 + 64 = 1

From this schedule of betting and potential losses you see now how much money units you will require to play the Martingale System. I know you want me to give you a number. Well it really depends on the bet limit the casino has. If the bet limit is 80 units then the figures and betting is as far as you can go on the Roulette Table and you would loose if that last wager’s outcome was RED because you could not wager the 128 units to keep going. Thus find a high limit Casino to stay in the game. Your bank role should also be high enough to use this advantage. I suggest 200 units is a good start. Most Casinos offer new account bonuses. This is where you can put up 100 units and get an additional 100 units from the Casino. There is you 200 units and it cost you half. I like that part.
My tip here is to set your initial unit bet at a low enough level that affords you a decent betting run, at least 5.
Better to use this method till you are up and playing with the casino’s money, then take some chances to make faster money and don’t get greedy or emotional.  Also, most important wager what you can afford to lose.  The first and last rule of gambling.

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